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Ladies Drop In


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We are very happy to take referrals from other agencies.


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Creative English

Course under license from-

The Creative English classes are run at Oasis thanks to  training given by Faithaction.  These classes aim to make learning English fun. Learners are from a variety  communities  who have very basic to little spoken English.  Some have been in the country for many years but have never had the opportunity to learn English.


Classes begin to give a grounding in English and help to build confidence in the learners through learning through drama, dialogues and other fun activities. These classes are best suited to those new to the UK or to those who have tried in the past to learn English but have found traditional methods of learning not suited to their learning style. This course gives a good introduction to learning and builds confidence.

Topics include-

**  Making an appointment with the doctor,

**  Attending a doctors or hospital appointment,

**  Shopping

**  Calling emergency services (999)

**  Talking to your childs school

             and other language needed for daily like.

We offer 2 free sessions to new learners and £2 per session after that


These classes have no facilities for looking after children during the classes.

Ladies Wednesday Creative English

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The Wednesday Creative English classes have beginners in the morning session and more able learners in the afternoon sessions, again, thanks to  training and resources from Faithaction.  These classes aim to make learning English fun.


Learners are from a variety of countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan among others.  They with a desire to learn and to improve their English.  Some have been in the country for many years but have never had the opportunity to learn English, some are new to the UK.


Classes follow on from the Monday class and build confidence in the learners through the use of drama, dialogues and other creative activities.  Learners are encouraged to use the English they are learning in their everyday situations.  The course covers English essential for daily life and has been proved to improve confidence in learners enabling them to learn more effectively.


We are sorry but these classes have no facilities for looking after children during the classes.


Ladies Drop In Sessions

The Tuesday and Thursday Drop In Sessions are open to ladies with or without young children. They give the opportunity to come and meet with friends and to make new friends in a warm friendly home-like environment. Some come to do just that but there is also the opportunity to receive help and support in some of life's more difficult situations.


  • Filling in forms

  • Help in reading official letters

  • Help and support in phoning local offices for housing, benefits etc

  • A computer is available to enable bidding on housing, applying for benefits etc

  • Help to connect to any of Luton's many support, help and information services

  • Help settling into the town


Some come because they want their young children to begin to interact in English before going to nursery or because they, themselves, see the need to improve and grow in their confidence in using English.


While this is happening, any pre-school children can play or take part in craft activities in our supervised children's room. However, mum or carer must stay on the premises at all times.


Cost per lady £1


Other Groups run as the need arises.  


These include-

  • Help with Life in the UK test

  • Help with driving theory tests

  • Parenting Courses

For the above an appropriate knowledge of English is required

Primary Homework Club


Children like to do well in their homework and sometimes it's hard for parents to give them the help and encouragment they need. The homework club aims to do just that in a quiet and disciplined environment.


Children from year R to year 6 can find some of the help and resources they need. The club is run by trained teachers with their helpers but they are NOT tutors. They will not do the homework but will encourage and facilitate the children to do their best.


There are internet and printing facilities along with a variety of reference books available to use on site.


Because we want the children to do their best, there are a limited number of places available so please call in or phone before bringing your children.


Cost £2  per child  (+ 20p per page printed)


High School Boys Club -currently closed


For boys in year 7 to 11.  A safe place to come and meet new friends and chill out. The boys spend about an hour in a quiet and disciplined environment doing their homework, course work or revision.  Internet and a limited number of reference books are available but our helpers are not trained teachers, just men wanting to help them do their best in their studies.


Homework time is followed by a chance to chat with their friends or challenge them to a game of Uno, pool or carram!


Snacks are provided too!


To come along to this group you MUST contact us first as numbers are very limited.


Cost £2 per child (+ 20p per page printed)


High School Girls Club


A group for girls in year 7 to 11 who meet for homework and fun.  Like the boys' group they start with a quiet time for homework, course work or study. Internet and limited reference books are available. Our helpers are available to assist in homework but their main task is encouraging and facilitating the girls to do their best.


After homework is finished, there is time for fun activities including cooking, gardening, games etc.


Numbers are very limited so you must contact us if you would like to come to this group.


Cost £2 (+ 20p per page printed)

Ladies reading & writing Class


This class is for ladies who have a fairly good grasp of spoken English but who want to improve their reading and spelling skills. Entry to this class is only given following an assessment to ascertain the level of the learner.


Topics covered include-

  • phonics

  • Spelling

  • skills for reading- letter blends etc

  • etc


Cost £2 per session contact us for details and to book your place


Phone Number


Message the Oasis Centre Luton

Centre No - 01582 725592                          (answerphone)

Mobile No-  07305 337825






Oasis Centre

13 St Augustines Ave




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